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Thread: Building oneway backlinks - Hunt Old High PR Posts For Backlinks

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    Lightbulb Building oneway backlinks - Hunt Old High PR Posts For Backlinks

    Here's a simple strategy for building backlinks:

    Building oneway backlinks from high PageRank sites is a MUST if you want to get your pages or blog into some high ranking search engine positions. The easiest way to get backlinks is to put them on the high PR sites yourself!

    Hunt Old High PR Posts For Backlinks

    1) Find a blog in your niche/market that's been around for at least a year. This also works with posts.

    2) Search through the archives and find the oldest, highest ranking PR pages.

    3) Comment on those pages and don't forget to anchor your link with your main keyword. If you do this 5 times per day, you could build 5 easy PR 3, 4, and 5 backlinks per day.

    You'll save a lot of time swapping for high PR backlinks. Plus these are one-way high PR links – the most valuable kind! If you can do this 10x per day for a year, then you'll easily get 3,650 backlinks from PR 3, 4, and 5 pages.

    However, some blogs have no-follow set, which means search engines won't follow your URLs in your comments. But... tons are do-follow because bloggers are encouraging comments this way. Here's a good directory of blogs that follow:

    Be sure to anchor your link with the keyword you want to rank high for in the search engines.

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    thanks for this will be very usefull for my next project

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    Nice thread, this is what we call as 'dofollow blog commenting', its not as easy as it sounds but yes it is among the only ways to directly get a backlink from a High PR page.

    I believe 90%+ of all the websites are nofollow so its very dificult to find a dofollow blog to comment. What makes things worse is the strict comment policy and some other factors like no moderator or administrator being available for quite a long time thus leading your comment being unapproved.

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    Here's another list of 100 do follows:

    (The list is pretty big so i'm giving the link instead of listing all of them here.)

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    You should credit the original source here, since this exact message has been around for quite a while!

    That being said, this can be incredibly effective, especially for blogs where you need a certain # of approved posts before auto approval takes over.

    Most SEO'ers won't take the time to build 5-10 solid comments to have easy access to the older high PR pages.

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