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Thread: Calling Cards?

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    Have you ever left a business card for your forum inside a book at a local library? Go door to door and leave the little door hangers advertising your webpage? Personally speaking, i've yet to do either, but that could change soon. I'm actually looking into doing the business card trick, I have family and friends who swear by it. It's quite simple to pass off as a "bookmark" and there's really no harm done. If you can match your target audience then there's a good chance you'll get traffic.

    Have you ever tried either method? What results did you end up with?

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    It sounds like a good idea but I can't really see it working very effectively if at all myself.

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    I think that anytime you can get your URL in front of people,you stand a shot at gaining new visitors......

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    I wouldnt, just because like 90% of people look at most of url's, and think its a advertising place, a place to buy stuff for an expensive price, ect..

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    It can't hurt to try, but I wouldn't expect to see a serious change in activity.

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    I would want to do this, but the time, money and target audience would be hard to achieve.

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