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Thread: Combining Branding And SEO

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    Combining Branding And SEO

    Here's how I easily get #1 search engine ranking:

    what I do is create a brand name and combine this with the domain name that I register.

    For example, if I want to build a site in the botox niche I would create a brand such as cool botox

    Just search on this keyword to make sure that nobody else has targeted this keyword and you are good to go.

    So you then register and then start publicising your brand all over the related forums and blogs related to your niche. Sooner or later, people will get curious about your new keyword and search on it.

    Plus you build a blog/site with articles related to this subject.

    Such as "what is cool botox"? And suddenly, your site is all over the first page results.

    And you can post questions to Yahoo Answers about what is cool botox etc. Plus, register your profile for this user name on forums and social networks.

    So this is my take of how to make use of branding in your marketing.

  2. Good idea, I would definitely do some keyword research before you name your company. This way you incorporate your most important keywords into your domain name, into your brand, and your seo strategy.
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