Ok guys I need your help here. The competition analysis I did for a kw-phrase has thrown up some nice results which I previosuly ignored.

I am seeing that the pages in top 5 have 30-40 external backlinks, now these sites are old sites and u may consider them authority in the niche. But I decided to target this phrase since I thought I can easily out-do them.

Now the problem is my page is stuck at page 2 and not rising(gotta work hard on linkbuilding). So this time I rechked the BLs to my competition and it was same, no change. Something struck me and I decided to see how much internal links they get from within their sites.

Was suprised to see that the topmost page has 300 internal links while the rest 4 have 100, 50, 30, 25 respectively.

You think its still beatable?? How much is the value of internal links compared to external links?