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    I'm looking for some good contest ideas to help expand and promote my site. Anyone care to share some ideas and successes?

    Diet Fads

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    Diet Fads you mean?

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    Just a general question. Obviously what works for one niche may not necessary work for another.

    I'm just curious.

    Diet Fads

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    Try to run a "best review" contest and email bloggers about it.

    Its worked for me before and it should work for you too

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    Something similar, yes, something like:

    "Tell us your story!"

    And the best story wins.

    People love real fake testimonials...

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    They also love photoshop. The most rediculous before and after display about losing weight wins.
    Fake or not. Make it something that is bound to get some funny submissions.
    The world is full of the same old same old. Do something that is so silly that people can't stop showing it around
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    Personally, I believe, that contest are great way to build links from blogs to a blog. Can someone suggest a way to encourage the bloggers, who will participate to link back to your website, without setting a rule about link backs? Also what is the proper way to announce a contest if you are just a small start up blog and nobody knows you yet? Aren't you going to provoke a negative reactions by emailing the bloggers in a certain niche, promoting your contest if they don't know you and haven't heard of you yet?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by firetown View Post
    They also love photoshop. The most rediculous before and after display about losing weight wins.

  9. #9 - I've never tried running a contest for a content website, but maybe, just maybe... it could work.

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