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Thread: Did Anyone noticed??

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    Did Anyone noticed??

    I think there are a lot of changes going on with Google. You can see a lot of changes in ranking. Almost for all keywords..

    And I have noticed on more thing. Posting Screenshot. And I have noticed this for many keywords.

    PR Updates.. We all know Google have updated it's PR around 2 or 3 times within 3 months..

    Few are reporting that Backlinks are again updated..

    Indexed pages of two of my sites were increased two days back but now it again dropped.

    I have seen new images indexed of my sites..

    Had you noticed anything????

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    Yeah I've been noticing this stuff -- I just hope Google will rank my site better for some of the terms I'm competing for

    Well I guess Google is just getting better by changing rankings etc.. They probably have a new algorithm now..
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Its your benefactor that you have shown the red circled changes. But, to be frank i haven't seen such changes. I think in my country the loon Google owners haven't updated the site.

    Thanks anyways

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