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Thread: Digg? What percentage of traffic did you get?

  1. Digg? What percentage of traffic did you get?

    hi. Is there anyone drives successful traffic from digg?
    I myself get a traffic from them. You must try it
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    Yeah, I tried to use digg to get traffic in to my site. I can say it is a good. Just like all other social book marking sites digg works too. I feel twitter and stumbleupon works well than digg. May be in my case it does.

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    i am new to digg, although using facebook is much easier to get more traffic. i have learnt recently that if one digg sites and get deep backlinks then it is very good source of traffic and is a secret of seo!
    unsing digg as a tool to get ,traffic is a reality.
    however one can get deluded by digg traffic and specially if it is a blog like in wordpress ,this heavy influx of digg traffic may be too much!
    some publishers are let down by getting published in digg archives rather then the front pages.but from seo point of view it is not too bad to be in the archive with deep backlinks!
    also a dugg article can be considered as google spam as it is used by many sites!
    these things are to be considered in using digg as a seo tool
    getting sustained smaller traffic with multiple dugg articles should be a good idea to start

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    I am just starting with digg and it is not that well to speak of at the moment. But speaking of percentage sounds like you get a huge share of your overall traffic from it! Is it so?
    Can it be that good (Not only digg but other social bookmarking tools as well)!

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    Right now I can't say the percentage of traffic .. Bez i did not check percenage.
    But I use it and got a best result. I submit my blog and web siet there and also got many referal too.. Thats very nice. So, I love to use Digg.

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