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Thread: DIY SEO versus Professional SEO Services, A Comparison

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    DIY SEO versus Professional SEO Services, A Comparison

    While SEO has been implemented as part of the marketing mix for many years, a lot of people still do not wholly understand the ins and outs of this discipline. The intricacies of SEO can be very daunting which is why a lot of companies and webmasters look to hiring the services of SEO professionals. Following is a comparison between do-it-yourself SEO and those provided by an SEO expert.

    Professional SEO Services

    One of the biggest advantages there is to outsourcing SEO work is that this affords you the expertise that already exists in an SEO professional. An SEO professional brings proficiency in the field. And because they have an intimate knowledge of how SEO works they are also highly equipped to deal with problems associated with SEO. These fixes can be done faster than when you attempt to do them yourself.

    They are highly knowledgeable in useful SEO tactics like link building and creating content that will help boost your ratings. These professionals have also built up relationships within the industry that you can take advantage of. Finally, because all these factors are present you ultimately are able to use time wisely. As you know, time delays can sometimes have negative effects on your campaign.

    Disadvantages associated with professional SEO services have something to do with cost – it can be quite expensive to retain these services. Also, the proliferation of scam SEO services makes it difficult for a company to differentiate quality services from substandard ones.

    Do-it-Yourself SEO

    In contrast to professional services, an SEO campaign that is crafted and implemented in-house allows for considerable savings, especially for companies operating on a tight budget. It can be a very highly fulfilling endeavor since the more you devote time in designing and implementing SEO campaigns the more you learn. The thing about SEO is that it lends itself to tracking and recording so you are able to go back, re-evaluate and improve efforts. Soon you will have acquired enough knowledge as to be considered an expert yourself. Another reason why DIY SEO is attractive to a lot of people is that you have control over every aspect of your campaign, from planning and deciding what content goes on your website.

    But as mentioned above, SEO is a complicated specialty and it entails a lot of time to get familiar with it – time that you may not really have.
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