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Thread: Do Google Adsense Allow adult sites?

  1. Do Google Adsense Allow adult sites?

    I have been wondering on how adult sites are earning through ads. I have seen various adult sites with lots of ads all over the page. I'm just wondering if Adsense allows these kinds of sites.

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    I don't think google adsense allows adult sites. the sites you may have seen could be running ads from other sources which allow adult ads.
    but when it comes to google, i don't think it wants revenue from what can become controversial advertisements.

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    as far as i know , google adsense does not allow adult contents and also gambling and betting,however othe various source of monetising adult websites are there,including referring to particular sites, adultwebmasterworld is another source where affiliate marketing of adult sites can be done, having adult content can result in ban from adsense as far as i know

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    I am sure that google doesn't allow adsense on adult sites but they are lot of alternatives rather than adsense for adult sites!

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    it seems some sites are showing some nudity with adsense on it! however it is like waiting for the lightning to strike. SInce the TOS clearly indicates that no adult content is acceptable for adsense, when google finds out ,it will definitely lead to a ban

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    Check Google

    See how Google implement rules and borders and use of services.

    I think Google don't allow such situation.

    Check their user agreements, best is to contact them. Be an inquirer.

    Most important, read reliable info's through out the web.

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    well my friend they all are not using adsense. Adsense don't allow warez or adult sites at all. They will ban you immediatley if they caught you. There are many other programs who allow to advertise in adult sites for eg. adtool and more.

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    well, adult/porn websites are not allowed to have adsense ads on will get banned for sure ...

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