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Thread: Do SEO or just be natural?

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    These days SEO is about much more than meta-tags, it encompasses web design for example, making sure your site is user and search engine friendly.

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    All kinds of lame answers. So hopefully my lame post won't stick too much
    Anyway, SEO means that you do whatever methods will help you to have better results in search engines. You just need to have a strategy and know a way how to do it. For some small affiliate sites SEO strategy (that might be enough) could be submiting to free web directories, for some news/publishing site it could mean having a lot of content produced and for some corporate websites it could just mean optimizing titles, internal structure, internal links etc. So yes, doing SEO or even better "understanding" SEO is very important. Doing SEO doesn't mean creating backlinks on some spammy ways, it just means that you work on a strategy to get the max. from your website. Each website, each company has different goals, approach, way of thinking so strategies vary. The latest "SEO" advice I gave to my client was to add a forum to his site. It will help him make a lot of "on topic" content that will rank good. For another client my advice was to add a Facebook "like" button and make a buzz on social networks about their very entertaining online game for kids and that game will help them promote their products. So basically I would say SEO is actually way of thinking and not just throwing a bunch of backlinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    When I don't do SEO, I don't get traffic and I don't make money. This makes me sad.

    When I do SEO, I get traffic and I make money. This makes me happy.

    SEO == Happiness.

    Google is telling everyone that SEO is dead, but they have reasons to do so that are for their own benefit -- not ours.
    So true and particularely after the "May Day" Google update

    SEO made in the natural way, no spam, no trick, that's what we do at Natural Elements.
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    Everyone says do it naturally. Though the underground does it illegally. I do it safely, both illegally and naturally.

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