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Thread: Do You Bother With Seo, Or Do You Skip It?

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    How many of you guys attempt to improve your sites SEO, or do you simply over look it?

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    I don't give it much thought. I do read up on it, though, and have made a few SEO-related edits recommended in articles I've read at administrator resource forums.
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    I spend a lot of time on SEO. I'm constantly looking for ways to optimize titles and descriptions and images and I always make sure my sitemaps are up-to-date. I just want to make sure that I rank as high as I can for the content that I have.

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    I'm not very good at SEO, so need to work a lot on it.

    I can never skip it, must do a little bit at least.

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    Never bothered with it but I think with Woxle I will work upon it.

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