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Thread: Do you concentrate on offline promotion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by youdiezst View Post
    in terms of cost-effective way, it doesnt help you out that much.

    its easier for ppl to just click the link to your site compared to remembering your site's url and then typing it again at the browser.
    One way to counter this might be putting up some ads with tearable tabs.

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    Well, I run a video game forum, so we use Xbox Live and Playstation Network to help get potential users. Not sure if you consider that "offline" or not.

    We also have members bring in friends, as well as school mates. We have users that work in gaming stores, so they'll tell customers about it, and hand out a few fliers if they won't get in trouble. Some schools even have video game clubs, which we try to target.

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    Telling to our friend on offline world is not too effective. It's all based on what is our offer?
    If it's about medicine, not all of our friend is love medicine topic right?
    I think spread brochure on appropriate place is good way. So, if i wanna tell about medicine blog, i will go to the hospital and spread it there. I think it's effective and targetted

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    Well, assuming your friends have the same interests as you, it can be helpful. Look at myspace blogs... people are always reading what their friends write

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    yes for me that very helpfull b'coz i made my website for my school may be some times u can visit my website

    its just forum for student @ my school

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    isn't that just because your friend wanna make you happy, so their always read what you write even it's not interesting for them :P?

    How about place advertising on related-topic magazine? So if you wanna offer/tell someone about blog about making money online, make advertisement on business magazine. Do you think the investment will worth? I think it's will since the reader is targetted

  7. I think offline advertising is not very helpful. When you are online, it doesn't take long to just click a link and go to the sight, but when people see a URL, if it doesn't stick in their head, then they will most likely not go to your site. Just stick to putting your link in every place you can find haha.

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    of course promoting in offline ways can't be used for targetting big traffic. It's just to help you get additional traffic . But to spread your url in offline first is not wrong/mistake, because internet user will be grown more and more, when some people is starting become internet user, hopefully their still remember your site and the first site visited is your site

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