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Thread: Do you think you know anything about SEO?

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    Do you think you know anything about SEO?

    Well, if you do, then let me know your thoughts about this:

    Switching things around

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    Interesting experiment. Well, let us see what happens.

  3. I think none of this will cause problems, because:

    1. None of that is high-tech stuff. Any standards-aware search engine should have been able to deal with those changes years ago.
    2. If it does cause a problem, it would be an embarrassment for Google. Therefore, someone at Google will monitor Matt's experiment and make absolutely certain that nothing goes wrong.
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    I think it is not a problem. Over time everything will sit on its place.

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    Isn't this the same you will do Will? Except for lifetime than with the new domain Let's see if this goes well, if it doesn't you might have to stay with TF
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