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Thread: Which do you use?

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    Which social networking sites do you use for promoting and which ones for personal use?

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    I have a Facebook account and two Twitters. One Twitter is for promoting my forum and the other is for personal use. My Facebook account does both.

  3. im using digg, stumbleupon and reddit.

    i think these three are the most famous among the social networking sites that will provide traffic for our sites.

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    I am using Twitter for promoting my site.

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    i mostly use facebook and twitter

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    Just Twitter for now. May expand later down the track.

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    I just use facebook. I wouldn't use any other.

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    I use facebook for my personal use but sometimes i tried to promote my sites. I did not use twitter because i can't figure it out.

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    I'm using both facebook and twitter, both of them are very good in generating traffic to my site. However, by comparing to search engine, those traffic from social networking seem not targeted enough

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    I am using all...I have 2 facebook, 1 Hi5, 1 tagged, 2 orkut, and 1 twitter Account.

    I am using all for personal network. I like to make friends from different Culture. But i don't have trust on a single network.

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