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Thread: does google count this type of link?

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    does google count this type of link?

    I found a website that makes outgoing links look like this:
    http://www **

    note: added ** so link doesn't work (it would be broken).

    Does anyone know if google counts this type of link as a link to


  2. Not sure. never seen this before.
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    Hi Mr Toad,

    I think the answer is NO. I am not 100% but I would say I'm 90% correct.

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    Yes it does, at least I see a few inside my webmaster's area, now if it does give any weight to it, that's a total different story. I dunno.

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    You may get some value if you have keywords in the url. One gain of sand doesn't make a beach, but thousands do.

  6. Since the full URL is in the URL there's a chance that it does count it some, but what's more important is whether or not it's a 301 Permanent Redirect or not.

    Google will most likely crawl the link, but if it's a 301 there's a better chance that they would count it.
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  7. It looks like it is redirected but I am sure it is not 301 so it won't count anyway...

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    I've seen similar things like this for various stat plugins you can use in Wordpress that will use javascript to redirect the link to where it is going in order to count the "click". One partner had an aneurism (sic), so finally figured out it was the plugin doing it. No idea if it counts or does not count.

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    Not that sure .
    May be or may not be.
    I haven't had seen such a site/URL before.

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