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Thread: Does redesigning of website effects ranking?

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    Does redesigning of website effects ranking?

    What do you guys think? By redesign I mean template change and some changes in content. Did it effect ranking?

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    If you do not change subdomains and content (design/template can change) then there will be no problem in PageRank or search engine rank.

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    If you do it right way you will not lose rankings.Content change can effect,so u need to be careful.

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    If the content, meta tags/description, titles and so forth are the same it shouldn't change too much. As long as you don't remove any pages.

  5. It depends on the age of the site.

    For new sites - any changes can have a negative impact.

    For aged sites older then 1 or 2 years - I do not think that a theme change will hurt anything.

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    not exactly bro
    the point is u hav to manage content

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