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Thread: Does a tag cloud help with search engine optimization?

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    Does a tag cloud help with search engine optimization?

    All other things being equal - does anyone know if adding a tag cloud to a web site is viewed positively or negatively by search engines? Would it improve chances of being listed for a popular term in the tag cloud? And if so, do the search engines put more weight on the "larger font" results that come from a high number of people using a particular tag?

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    A tag, according to Wikipedia, is "a (relevant) keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information (e.g. a picture, article, or video clip), thus describing the item and enabling keyword-based classification of information."

    It helps in SEO if you have tag clouds linked to pages within your website or blog and have relevant pages named after the tag with good content.

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    I don't think tags help in search engine optimization. The tags link to the internal pages and taht too to the pages that are of less importance (I mean tag/category pages). If you feel they increase the value of those less important pages., then you should worry about your link juice to those less important pages from your homepage

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    Tag cloud helps the bots to index the site good but it dont have that much seo purpose because the tag cloud posses link and that will cause page rank slip all through the linked page. That will decrease the total PR. And I dont think it will count as keyword.

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