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    Hi all, have you guys used the search engine at I came it across yesterday and I was wondering if any of you have tried and and would give any pros about it when comparing it to bing or google.
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  2. WOW. I remember the days when I used Dogpile. It basically take the top searches from all the search engines and shows them to you. I believe.

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    Never heard of it before..just took a look and its quite good Much better than Yahoo i would say in terms of congestion..Liked this feature specially , i.e. that image which lets you know if a website address amtches your search query keywords.

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    Looks pretty cool, ive never heard of it before, odd name
    Ill be researching into this more.

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    Wow, interesting name, not sure they will do that well.

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    Never heard of it before.
    From the interface it looks like a painted window of a kindergarten building. Let me check it out!

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    I will check this site !!!!!!!!

  8. Dogpile is pretty cool, but my sites get almost no traffic from it.

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