I've seen a lot of people posting their links for the SEO contest, with the anchor text 'Sulumits Retsambew'. And since I only saw links like that, I think most of the people should know that Google might start penalizing websites like that or just giving lower SERPs.

How can Google penalize my site if I use the same anchor over and over again?
This is pretty simple, a lot of websites started forum spamming a few years ago, they posted 10,000+ posts daily on a lot of different forums.. Always the same text over and over again..

Since Google is the big search engine with a lot of brains, they started penalizing website that have hundreds of backlinks using the same anchor (that means they should be spamming their link all over the internet).

Since spamming is not tolerated by Google, they will just remove the website from their engine and go on with the other websites. The same thing happens with this contest, if you promote your website over and over again with those same 2 keywords Google will start suspecting you from having a spambot posting all those messages.

How to prevent this?
You should promote the website by using different anchor texts, ofcourse you want to get high results for Sulumits Retsambew so you should use the anchor text with that a little bit more than the others.

I'm pretty sure that will improve your rankings for your website on other keywords too, but since that will improve the total ranking of your website, it will also improve the ranking from the keywords you want to target (sulumits retsambew F.E.).

Has this theory been proved?
No, it hasn't, but in my opinion it should be like this. I explained why in the topics above. If you got some things that might need a change, please reply or send me a PM

Let's hope you learned something!