I'm really curious to find out how many people still believe this piece of fiction that Google will penalize your web site for sharing content that is found on another.

It's been floating around forums and SEO blogs, and nearly everywhere else for a while, and I'm not understanding why. Maybe people just don't think.

Even after Google released the news that there was no such thing as a duplicate content penalty, people still don't believe it. I mean, it came straight from the big 'G' and if they say there's no penalty....HELLO! There is no penalty!

What does happen in the case of duplicate content is that the duplicate results are filtered from the search engines. Now, that's not to say it's not indexed because it is. You just have to click an extra time or two to see what all is there.

I'm sure this will start a lot of drama, but I'd really like to see what people have to say.