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Thread: Duplicate Content: Fact or Fiction?

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    Duplicate Content: Fact or Fiction?

    I'm really curious to find out how many people still believe this piece of fiction that Google will penalize your web site for sharing content that is found on another.

    It's been floating around forums and SEO blogs, and nearly everywhere else for a while, and I'm not understanding why. Maybe people just don't think.

    Even after Google released the news that there was no such thing as a duplicate content penalty, people still don't believe it. I mean, it came straight from the big 'G' and if they say there's no penalty....hi! There is no penalty!

    What does happen in the case of duplicate content is that the duplicate results are filtered from the search engines. Now, that's not to say it's not indexed because it is. You just have to click an extra time or two to see what all is there.

    I'm sure this will start a lot of drama, but I'd really like to see what people have to say.

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    I haven't done this before since I use Google Adsense in my blog and website. but I believe Google will not penalize your website for sharing some content with opther various sites, except for some fraudulent clicks in your Adsense ads, if you enable it.
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    Yeah. I do also think the same. In fact, I have seen various sites that the articles are copied from Wikipedia and other sites.

    BTW< may i know what will happen if they penalize your site?
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    Yeah u r correct. Even duplicate articles also get huge visitors than the original contents...

    its just how you market. Content duplicasy is quite an old issue but its just who shows it first to the world.
    so all an all it depends on how you market your content.

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    Do you think having a site that all the contents coming from wikipedia and other sites plus having Adsense will not endanger my site on having banned from Google?

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    Your site won't be banned from Google unless you violate some of their Adsense policies, but your main thing will be ranking for your chosen keywords. You can have your site entirely fed from Wikipedia, but you will need to do some extra SEO for your site in order to get the rankings you seek. The higher your rankings of course, the more organic traffic you will receive from the search engines.

  7. If google finds 2 sites with the same exact content, it will drop one of the pages from its index.

    Its not that the site receives a penalty, google just drops the page because it has already been indexed on another site.

    However, if your site is nothing but duplicate content, then yes, your site may receive a penalty.

    Example: One site I saw awhile back, it was nothing but duplicate content. The owner had some kind of script setup to take rss feeds from sites like yahoo and turn them into his own pages. He had almost 200,000 pages of duplicate content indexed with google.

    Then google slapped his site and removed it from the index. In other words, google banned the guys site. Every page was removed from googles index, and even a search for the domain name did not return anything.

    I have seen that same exact thing over and over where someone might buy a database with 1,000 articles on it and use it to open their site. But - that database has been used so many times google will not index the newer sites.

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    Very descriptive and informative post Kev, I totally agree with you. Google's algorithm's are far superior in understanding duplicate content, the example you gave can be considered as content spam for which google can penalise you by removing off its indexes, that ofcourse is automated.

    There are many other ways to get yourself blacklisted, some of which are used as black hat techniques to blacklist a competitor site, e.g. backlink spamming.

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