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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Razorloq View Post
    Another great tip that I have found is to have an account at Clickbank and post your hop link as a resource at the bottom of each eHow you create! This way, you're not only making money through the site, but there's the possibility for conversions with Clickbank as well. It's also a good resource because, if your hop link is related to your topic, the leads are targeted somewhat!

    This ^^^^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantoos View Post
    This site is helpful only for United States people but what about others. I think it should be open for everybody.
    eHOW is only open to US users?

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    eHow is open to everyone, but only users from the US can be paid.

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    It looks like squidoo ... like an article directory ......
    Never knew you can post articles on it though ! Are the links in articles dofollowed ?
    Wonder where Google Knol disappeared !

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