If you want an email campaign to succeed, and don`t want to offend anyone with your messages and you want them to see your messages then Train yourself to always stick to the rules below when crafting your email message. A message that earns respect makes sales.

RULE #1 - Have a template that wraps at 60 characters or less

When you prepare a newsletter make a template of your Own and dont rely on the default width given by the mail clients. Some mail clients Automatically Inserts a line break and when you see the mail in other place the line breaks are at some other locations. For Eg. If you created a message and the Mail client inserted Return After 70 and user has his settings at 60 the Mail will look like First 60 Characters and a line break and 10 characters and a line break. First was for his options and second for your option. The most ugly impression that user gets when he Reads it.

RULE #2 - Not testing in popular Email clients

As RULE #1 says about the body of the Email this rule refers to anything but Body of the message. A target link that works fine in one - doesn't work in Other.Similar Case can be in the From and Subject Lines. The main thing in from and subject line is length of the Subject Line which does not display all the content till the End. Check the Width for as many Email providers you know and send a dummy newsletter to them so that it displays correctly. Testing for these variables[I mean From Subject and Links in body] in different email clients can have significant impact on your email results.

RULE #3 - Watch for spellings and grammar

When you are sending a NewsLetter you are Offering to the person or informing hime about something related to your business and that should always have Error Free in departments like Spellings and Grammer. Yes I know you noticed the Spelling Error of the Word Grammar. Also follow a simple Style of Fonts and use it with consistency.

RULE #4 - Not integrating Newsletter and Search Engine Optimization effort

Always Archive the Newletter as All Newsletter are meant to offer content to the Clients and so Search Engine Optimization basic needs is the Content and Archiving the Newsletter can help you build sufficicnet Amount of content. Also just for Search Engine Optimization archiving is not benficient but also person willing to read previous issues can find them easily and will be become regular reader of the newsletter. Also allowing them to resend any issue that they have missed is not a bad option either.

RULE #5 - Brand your subject line - {COMPANY NAME}

All email providers as well as email clients offer Filters and deliver the message in the respective folders depending on the condition and if you Brand the company Name in the subject line Users have option of Redirecting that to a seperate folders and so he also have continous Archive of your Newsletter and when he needs he can refer or Forward to Friends and relative of his giving you added bonus. Also branding helps in building the Reputation of your Company.

This Article is written by Shabbir Bhimani for Experts Advice Forums