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Thread: Email Marketing

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    I received approx 300visits total from the email marketing, I emailed me mates, I used Google Adsense.

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    if you feel those emails to be stoped press the filter on to such emails then you cant see it on inbox. most of the spammers will try to send emails to by using scam names

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    E-mail marketing as I think is not good idea....many people will just report your mail junk or delete it without even reading ...and also mass mailing will be detected as bulk junk emails and will be listed in other folder other than inbox.

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    i feel that marketing through email would be a bad idea as it would mean SPAMMing. but if you mail people you knw, it wouldnt be too much of a problem and may prove to be quite effective.

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    Well I would hate to receive emails that advertise something, but if it is from friend I might check it so I think you can earn from email marketing I mean atleast 1 out of 1000 people opens that spam.

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