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Thread: Which email sending software/service you use?

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    Which email sending software/service you use?

    Hi all,
    Can you share which software/service you use to send email newsletters. Also it is usefull to see what do you like and don't like in it. Which features you you use/don't use?

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    Having been in the business for about 9years now, I have tried multiple different suppliers. I have recently invested just under 3K in the new dotMailer system, and it's incredible.

    I fully recommend enquiring for a free trial at
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    I use Aweber... top notch.

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    i dont use one now, but i am leaning towards Interspire's Email Marketer for my needs

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    Aren't those e-mails tagged as spam? I was also planning to use a software but I am afraid that my site will get tagged as spammer.

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    I use Aweber...

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