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Thread: Is it fair?

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    Question Is it fair?

    Is it fair to exchange the links with the Websites having different kind of category than mine ?

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    Yes, but it's better to get links from websites in the same niche. The reason for that is traffic. You could have 1000 links from porn sites to your football site, but one link from a sports site could give you way much more traffic

    So that's where the big deal is. And now that sites get kind of categorized a link from a sports site will be worth much more than one in a total different niche
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    There's no big deal of trying. Just try to link from other websites for the sake of backlinking but I agree that links from sites with related content as you can boost your traffic.

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    Getting backlinks from other sites is important in ranking a site even if the links are from unrelated sites.

    However, exchanging links is another issue. With a link exchange you provide an outbound link. Outbound links that don't relate to your site are a negative factor due to the unrelated anchor text.

  5. Any backlink will help you. But links from related sites are best.

    One of the things that can really hurt you, is if you exchange links with a spammy site. If you get links from a site, try to get links from sites with good quality content.

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    Backlink from any site is good, but you should try to have them from sites that are related to your niche.

    Also, it is very important to have links to sites that have higher or similar PR to yours. It would benefit your rankings.

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