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Thread: Finding Internal Pages with PR

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    Question Finding Internal Pages with PR

    A quick question for you guys;

    Is there a simple way by which we can find out, if our internal pages have PR? Or does it have to be done manually (ie: one by one)?

    I wonder if NB has a couple of internal pages with PR.

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    Here's one tool using which you can find the PR of multiple pages at a time : Google PageRank Checker

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    I was just wondering if our blog urls on NB would have any PR.

    Such as this...

    Thanks for the tool, but I was thinking of a tool that would extract all the URLs and determine the PR.

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    Well, i use Seoquake and Google for this purpose.
    I looked up all the pages within Net Builders - Blogs, and apart from that page being PR3, i just found 3 PR1 pages while all others have a PR of n/a(one page is PR0).
    The 3 PR1s are :
    Jv practical seminar - Net Builders
    Net Builders - My Random Ramblings | My Seo Journey | My Private life
    Thank You Tatto Media and Justin Dupre! - Net Builders

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