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Thread: Finding your website

  1. Finding your website

    How often do you search for your website on search engines?

    I myself search about 3 times a week
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    I also search my website every so on to see where i'm standing

  3. I check my name almost everyday :P

    As for just my websites names I do not really check as they all rank 1st for their names, but for particular keywords I do check the SERPS once a week.
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    I search every once in a while, but not often.

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    I think ranking for your site's name should be your immediate target after launch.
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    If you are referring to searching for the actual name of the site, hardly ever. Like Farrhad, usually #1 there. In regards to keywords about once every couple of weeks.
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    A few days after I changed some keywords, to see if something changed already and if it's updated or not. But not all sites, just a few

  8. Does searching for your site do anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riccur View Post
    Does searching for your site do anything?
    Pretty much, you can see where you're ranking good far and you can keep improving that specific topic by even making more related things about it

    And ofcourse there are other benefits, like getting more traffic for free from the search engines.

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