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Thread: Are Flash Websites Ok For SEO?

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    Are Flash Websites Ok For SEO?


    I want to know are Flash websites ok for SEO?

    Do we have to do something special to SEO them?


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    Flash site can be ok for SEO, if there is text supporting them. I recently had a client that wanted two sites done. One of them he wanted done in flash so I referred him to a flash expert. The site I was to do, wasn't needed for a few months. So a few months later I got to work on the non flash site, and not one week later my site was already drawing more search engine traffic, and on a less popular topic. The only reason you should use flash is because your target audience expects it. You can still optimize a flash site for SEO, but unfortunately it not SEO you can do on your site. It involves money, and buying publicity.
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    I know for sure that Flash websites are considered very Search Engine un-friendly. Only media sites maybe should go in for them.

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    I think if the meta tags are ok, then they can do well.

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    Nopes - flash websites are not search engine friendly. If you have to start a website remeber that. You can also rank flash websites but you will have to work a way lot harder on your SEO. Use flash noembed tags and texual representations, there is also a java plugin for flash websites for texual representations i dont remember the name. Search on google for it. People do tend to cloak their domains when they see flash not working, avoid doing that.

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