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Thread: Is forum posting still beneficial?

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    I think forum post give a quality of backlinks & increased website traffics.

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    The most knowledgeable guys I know agree with Mike Damann up at the top... there's pretty much no benefit to forum posting from an seo standpoint, at least now. It might drive a little direct traffic if your posts are great (or really lousy) but that's about it. Far as I can tell the only people saying otherwise are paid posters and guys selling forum sigs... or people whose SEO expertise includes the idea getting a link on Dmoz is the best thing that can happen to a website.
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    Whilst there is a lot of noise to signal in forum posts, I still believe there are specific benefits that can be gained from forum posting.

    I feel that the biggest benefit to be gained is through networking with other like-minded individuals. You can gain different perspectives and knowledge on topics that you may have been unaware of previously. I've met some very colourful characters through their forum posting. Some I've forged friendships with whilst others I've wanted to plant their faces through a gyprock wall. However, even those I don't agree with, when they present an opinion or argument that I can respect, I'll more often than not find a way to connect with them --- You can meet genuine people offering real opinions with some gusto behind it on forums. The flipside is there is quite a lot of post-padders to wade through to find it.

    A secondary benefit is real targeted traffic. If you are writing engaging opinions, polarising topics, or just have a particular expertise then people after reading your post may be inclined to visit your signature link. If a forum is particularly active or highly regarded by Google, I have noticed that well-titled topiccs can rank well and garner a decent level of traffic as a result. The real king makers here are those threads that cover the demand for a particular answer or explanation. In many cases that topic/thread can rank for years, very highly, and gain a lot of links because it has become the "best place to go in order to find the answer". Things like FAQs written by someone with intimate knowledge of a particular topic; or a thread where a large volume of information has been collated into easily digestable reading chunks; are often the best exponents of this phenomenon.

    p.s. I met RobJones through forum posting. I'll let you decide whether that is a boon or a curse.

    People get the "forum posting is beneficial" idea backwards when they push the angle that it is SEO beneficial. They believe that the forum signature link is somehow a key to quick rankings. They figure that if they get enough of these money-keyword targeted links that they will own that keyphrase. This has been misinformation for a long time. It is doubly misleading in a post-penguin environment because lots of same-anchor links from the one place is considered more of a hindrance than a benefit.

    Here are some compelling reasons why signature links are particularly weak.

    • Authority - Forum signature links are self-links. They aren't vetted; they aren't a 3rd party recommendation; you choose the keywords/keyphrases and they are included as is. For that reason they lack authority.
    • Relevancy - Within a forum thread, there is a large mix of signature links that aren't relative to the topic. This dilutes the relevancy of the links on the page, as they are surrounded by unrelated links. They aren't relative to the topic. Since there's a huge mix of unrelated OBL's all in the one place, they lack relevancy
    • Repetition - Every forum post you make contains the exact same signature from you. After many posts you have created a profile where you potentially have thousands of exactly the same link anchor from a single source. This over repetition is a penguin trigger.
    • Quality - There is no required condition for a post to be of a certain quality before it is accepted on a forum. I can post an eloquent, detailed masterpiece interwoven with factual information. You can then come along and type "I agree great post!". Our signature links are both given equal weight, despite the large discrepancy in the value of our posts. Forum content, and therefore signature links by extension, lack quality control.

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    Dan brings up a valid point. A lot of people conflate two different things... the value of forum posting and the value of a random sig from an SEO standpoint. The first IS valuable... in that forum posting is a way that a lot of valuable info comes to us. Once we figure out who actually has a clue what they're saying, we can gain a lot by following their advice on multiple forum venues, follow their blog, etc. We tend to attach some measure of value to something we see in the sig of someone we trust.

    That is a totally different subject than the SEO value of a random sig. Granted, if I had a chance to put a site I was working into the sig of some internationally known guru... I'd see value. That is the model that drives celebrity endorsements on television. That is also totally different than having a sig link in one of 50 throwaway IDs driven by Scrapebox.

    So yeah, if you could get a site into the sig link of a person known for making valuable contributions, even if only on that one forum, there's some benefit. That's a branding thing, not an SE spider thing.

    Meanwhile... the sig link of an obvious bot ID is a good way to get red flags attached to your SEO efforts
    . If a site is repeatedly attached to spam, I'd bet you a buck that has a negative effect on SERPs in the long run. I KNOW it has a negative effect on perceptions... cause there are some sites that appear in a sig and immediately make forum mods check the profile to see if it needs to be tossed. For example, there's the China spammers and their Ugg boots and Replica Handbag spam. Also a certain ad program that's forever in my mind attached to a couple of hardcore spammers from Bangladesh... guys that place hundreds of bogus IDs in forums if not surgically removed. Using an autobot program to spam forums and blogs is IMO a great way to give your site a terrible rep.
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    This all goes back to the totally outdated notion that "every link is a good link." At one time that was true, but those times disappeared long before Penguin started to penalize sites for links from too many unrelated sites. For a few years prior to Penguin, an unrelated link or link from a crappy directory did not penalize a site, but it didn't help it either. It was simply ignored by Google. But in the post-Penguin world, those same links will bite you in the ass and do serious harm to your site's rankings.

    An occasional link from a related thread in a related directory to a related article can help. But signature links from unrelated forums at best will not harm a site and may drive some traffic, but if you do too many of those, the big G eventually will bite you. Google has already threatened that a very large and controversial Penguin update is coming. That means millions more sites are going to get wacked by Google for poor quality link building. You have been warned.
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    If we are talking about forum posting in contrast to just signature links, branding is a huge part of it. When I sported my Firetown logo for example and started following some people on Twitter, I often received @ replies from them telling me how well recognizable I was because of it.

    Truth is: Signature spammers are missing out and not really understanding what internet marketing is and where the potential lies.
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    I feel that the biggest benefit to be gained is through networking with other like-minded individuals.
    I strongly agree with this statement. I have made good friends with people that I never physically met, via forums.

    Also, I like to post to this forum since it is a way to give back knowledge, and hopefully build some credibility should I want to advertise a product or service related to net builder people, or ask for help in some way.

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    Forum posting to me?
    Just a good way to spend some time not doing anything else.

    Traffic is getting to be a better part of posting.
    SEO and backlins not at all.

    And yes, I have to agree, I have talked to and discussed with a lot of people on forums that otherwise I would not have had the joy to do so.

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    I feel that the biggest benefit to be gained is through networking with other like-minded individuals.
    Yep. I also agree. The real value with a forum is the good people that you meet who share your interests and are willing to share their knowledge.

    The real issue is with the misguided idiots who join a forum simply to provide links to Ugg Boots sites and post crappy, useless comments simply to get their post count up to the point where they can provide signature links to their sites.

    I would rather belong to a forum with less that 50 good people who are actively involved, than a forum with thousands of people who post mostly nonsense. I give Rob kudos for actively booting the morons who join simply for link building.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    I don't think so that forum posting is not worth for the sites. Relevant posting in category will help to get proper traffic. For that you can add signature in the comment for targeted keywords.

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