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Thread: Free photoshop software?

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    Free photoshop software?


    Wasn't sure what section to put this is, but does anyone know any free sites that offer photoshop type creating? I need to make a banner for the header of one of my sites and trying to do it myself to explore that.

    Thank you.

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    You can create your banner in the Corel Draw software. Adobe Photoshop is easily available on the internet and you can download it to create your own banner. Do you have have enough funds to buy some extra stuffs for improving graphics for your site.

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    CoreDraw often comes as bundle with motherboard disk check if you have in it.
    Script installation and template edits will be done at cheap cost!

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    if you don't have money to purchase photoshop then you can get open source GIMP and start working on it.

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    hey dude don't take tension about any software just go to find any software you that you want , cause i have download recently CS4(complete+cracked) from but for this you have to download BitTorrent first then you will be able to download whatever you want from mininova.....

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    But these software are not reliable enough when it comes about the copyright part...You need to get a software from a trusted seller....

  7. you can use this online photo editing tool :

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