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Thread: Free SEO and Link Building vs Paid Link Exchanges and PPC

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    Free SEO and Link Building vs Paid Link Exchanges and PPC

    I began learning website marketing, affiliate marketing ands ways to promote products and services that I and other people like, about ten years ago. Writing honest reviews on products, gadgets, gifts and on and on, it just seems natural.

    Last year when i was diagnosed with cancer, I had to let my sites go and now I that I am better, I have restarted them: and ArtsHeal

    One of the big lessons I learned along the way, is that SEO and link building, they are totally essential for those of us who don't have but tiny budgets for promoting ourselves. You have to be inventive and use your imagination as well as creativity. If something doesn't work, you try something new and fresh. If that doesn't work, you try again and again, never, ever giving up.

    SEO or Search Engine optimization was one of the important online marketing classes I couldn't afford when i started out. What I did instead was join some great SEO services and take advantage of their free services and tools. I gave myself a crash course in SEO and it was one of the things I am most proud of. That being said, ranking high in search engines for whatever products or services I wanted to promote, became an obsession. There is just something euphoric about topping in the search results, the company you are promoting, at least for me.

    Then I learned that link building with the right websites, forums, blogs etc., was just as important as any other aspect of search engine optimization and possibly, more important than most. Building relationships with businesses who share the same interest in whatever niche you are working at the time, increases the importance or relevance, of your site with regards to how well it ranks in the major search engines.

    There are link exchange programs that you can use, some are free, most are paid. So you pay for links from websites to yours. The ones with major linkage and readership, are more valuable, especially if they are similar to your own. Link exchange programs have been looked at harshly by the major search engines because the links are not always based on similar content and do not organically induce a higher value in a website.

    Link exchange and search engine optimization can both be enough to rocket your business to the moon, you just have to put in the effort. If you like what you do, it's well worth the investment of time to get more readers and thus consumers.

    I wonder how many people here have used paid or even free, link exchange services? How did that work for you?

    Did you pay for SEO or learn it on your own?

    I love this topic and the responses from people.

    I don't see anything wrong with sharing knowledge that helps others achieve the same success I want. In the process, I learn something everyday and that makes it all worth it for me.

    I hope you will visit my sites and if I can be of any assistance, or if you would like to exchange links, (similar interests and content), please let me know. I am also looking for guest writers on almost any topic including your business if you would like.

    Peace, love and hope,

    The Ugly Virgin
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