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Thread: Free Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Views, Google+

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    Free Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Views, Google+

    Hey guys I found this site its free . I tested it out for one of my twitter accounts and facebook fan page. It get me a lot of fans and twitter followers. How it works you get up to 5 credits to follow a person and in return you can offer credits to have them follow you. I usually offer 5 credits per person. Not sure how good this is but I seen some increase in traffic they also sell credits if you don't want to follow anyone.

    Has anyone else tried this?

  2. #2 is way better, it is the best!
    All others, like this one, are just clones.
    Really not worth it, I have tried many like sites and the traffic just is not there to make it worth my while.


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    These sites is not good for me. I manually open facebook and my twitter account also. I do not believe.

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    Buddy i cant take chance for this type of website's but thanks for sharing.

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    You can use "fanslave" for facebook and twitter. But manual is the best than automatic and it is free from spam. Thanks.

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    I really like Twiend concept: Follow and Get Followed and it's free. Plus, there is one more free service which is as valuable as Twiend, This website really helps you in getting followers, likes and +1 from the vast network. I have used this service and really like it. However, it is a social media, so don't be a automatic machine, BE A REAL MAN and converse with each and everyone in your network.

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    I think it is not very effective!

  8. it good to get maximum numbers of likes, follower and but we must consider the real person who is using that account. don't try to get dumb follower and likes.

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