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Thread: The Future of SEO?

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    The Future of SEO?

    I read so many blogs and hear so many podcasts that say "SEO is dead" or soon will be.
    Do you think there is any truth to these arguments?
    Or does SEO just get a bad rap because there are so many people who illegitimately claim to know so much about it, but aren't successful?

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    Well, do to the large amount of bots, it makes it hard for SEO to get on good ranking on Google keywords due to duplicated content that isn't original. I have seen many auto blogs out there copying information from other blog articles. What has the internet become these days. It seems that bots are taking over original content.
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    The Internet now a days has only a few original websites and each of these sites have at least 1.000 cheap copies..

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    SEO is not dead and it never will be! Don't give up hope!

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