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    Everyone who starts a new blog always wants to get indexed fast. I can't believe people actually pay $50 to get indexed in less than an hour.

    Recently I launched The Marketing Park and following this method it got indexed in less than an hour.

    Basically all you have to do is submit it to a site that is crawled very frequently. I have chosen Digg, yes Digg because its fast and free.

    Just submit your first article to Digg and your site will be on Google in no time.

    (But remember being indexed and raking well are different things)

    I hope you found this helpful
    If you have something to add, please feel free to post below.


    PS. Never never never submit your site from the Search Engine directly, i will be writing a post about this soon.
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    The kiwidia blogs got indexed extremely fast. I think it was from Stumble Upon primarily but Digg as well helped with grahpics gecko.

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    Yes, getting indexed is a thing that most people don't even have to care about. And it's quite easy to rank well for your site's name, but most people won't search for that.

    In fact, the only thing that is important is to rank well for keywords.

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    This is an awesome post. I joined this forum after seeing this post. nice to see good genuine info that too for free.

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