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Thread: Google adsense

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    Google adsense

    My google adsense was blacklisted about 10 months ago
    i have not tried to get another one again
    now i want to get a new one
    can i get past their super computers and get a new adsense account?
    there is always a back door so wats it in this case?

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    guyz am looking for an answer
    so can someone suggest me what i am supposed to do?

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    Why not try?? 10 months is a long time, provide a new e-mail address, all new data, your luckier if your I.P is dynamic or has changed. If its static and is the same which you had 10 months back just request your ISP for a change. Try your luck, anyways you are not loosing anything.

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    just provide a new e-mail and try again...all the best

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