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    How many Google backlinks does your site have?

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    Much lesser than yahoo.....

    My oldest website only have 300+ while yahoo link is 10000+

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    My site has 100+ back-links, I am trying to increase it. Is there any good way to increase back-links?

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    Just a heads up, indexed Google backlinks are determined by searching your site with this query:


    I have 7 official backlinks from Google.

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    [quote name='sukanjan.k' date='22 June 2010 - 06:27 PM' timestamp='1277231250' post='17437']

    My site has 100+ back-links, I am trying to increase it. Is there any good way to increase back-links?


    Good if you have 63. If you want to increase backlink then Try to comment on Do follow forums and Blogs. It is very beneficial. Link Exchange and directory submission is also useful to create Backlink.

  6. got about 600 in google as of now

    im expecting it to be pr2 by the next update

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    One of my sites has 777(may be more) google backlinks right now, though I lost many when I changed the domain

    Another one(which is about 25days old) has 361 right now

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    Google's backlink thing doesn't work that well i've found, i only have 3 by using site: Google webmaster tools seems to give a better figure.

    In Google webmaster tools i have 5928 for my forum and 106 for blog.

    In yahoo site explorer 152 and 49.

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    Google webmaster tool area says 24,822 and provides only about 400 sample. I was hoping to see what's that all about, but sample of 400 is not enough. Not sure how this happened as the number was much lower, some 200-300, just 2 weeks ago.

    Of course, the other tools show much lower number like 1 or 0. The site is new, I had no content at all until releasing the first game in April.

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    Nice , trying just that. Also looking for the creator of this great skin !

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