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Thread: Google or bing?

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    Google or bing?

    which one do you think is the best ?
    As bing has got good reviews in the internet survey so do you think that bing can compete with Google?
    thank you.

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    For the next three years, 'NO'..Though MS may go out of its ways to promote 'Bing', Google will still remain as the best no doubt. After all we can feel the insecurity within Microsoft after Google releases news about it launching the new 'Chrome' OS.

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    I think google is the best. Bing is so far by google.

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    Google has a lot of experience in the search engine field. They are the leading search engine and personally, I like their interface more. Google for sure!
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  5. I like the Bing interface over Google's. But I still use google for all my searching needs.

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    Bing is nicer and i consider using it as my main search engine . I will try it for 30-days or so and see if it brings results as good as google

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    Bing has nice interface but I think it doesn't have the standards of Google right now! It might got the support of Microsoft but it will take some time to cope up with Google.

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    Google is a better search engine than bing

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    Google is the better one for the time being. I won't rule out the competition form Bing totally though. It has a great start.

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    I use Bing but google is still getting good results and is the best for me.

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