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Thread: Google can BAN YOU!

  1. Exclamation Google can BAN YOU!

    If you build too many links with the same keyword, Google can BAN YOU!

    So, there is a question:

    How Many Keywords Should You Target to Get High Rankings ASAP, But NOT to Be BANNED?

    From one side you want to focus your efforts (links) on several keywords to get high rankings as soon as possible, right?

    But at the same time you shouldn’t build too many links using the same keywords as this can be treated as spam by search engines (and your site can be penalized).

    So what should you do? Which option should you opt for?
    We recommend you to choose that variant which better suits your goal:
    • If your goal is to get high rankings as soon as possible and you are ready to risk, then feel free to focus all your links on several keywords. Note: your website can be penalized by search engines.
    • If your goal is slowly, but safe & reliable search engine listings, then we recommend you to spread your links between many of your keywords. Note: you should realize that you may see the results of your link building campaign not in the first month, or maybe not even within the few first months. However, this strategy is safer and will yield better results in the long run.

    Recommended Number of Keywords:

    If your total link building campaign is from 50 to 300 links, then we recommend you to build from 5 to 20 links with each anchor text. So in this case (for a small total link building campaign) we consider that SEO Friednly Keyword Spreading is ~10 links per keyword (anchor text) in average.

    If your total link building campaign is more than 300 links OR you build 100+ links to your site monthly, then we recommend you to target minimum 30 keywords. The more the better.
    Post your thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, and comments
    Now let's suppose you build 100 links to your site monthly and you decided to target 30 keywords in total. In this case we'd recommend you the following SEO Friendly Link Building Plan:
    1. Let's divide your 30 targeted keywords by 3 groups of keywords (so now each group has 10 different keywords). In this case in the 1st month we recommend you to target the 1st group of keywords, and build 10 links for each keyword (100 links in total).
    2. In the 2nd month we recommend you to target the 2nd group of keywords.
    3. In the 3rd month we recommend you to target the 3rd group of keywords.
    4. In the 4th month we recommend you to target the 1st group of keywords again.
    5. In the 5th month we recommend you to target the 2nd group of keywords again, and so on.

    If you spread your keywords this way and target at first one group of keywords, then another one, and so on - then search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) will consider your website optimization as absolutely natural and SEO Friendly.

    Please post your thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, and comments.

    Yaroslav Korchagin
    SEO Tools For SEO Experts Team

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    Thanks for this article, I wrote a little piece about this too over here. It's a fact indeed that people should target more than 1 keyword, and even more than 5 keywords

    Thanks for the post!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    If you do your keyword research properly then you should have, and be using those subtle keyterm variations as you link build.

    It does seem rather easy for the novice to get banned though, there must be thousands of people out there with slapped sites, who have no idea google even penalises sites!

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