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Thread: Google PR: Is it Important?

  1. May I know how come other sites earnsd a lot without having a good PR?

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    Actually I don't think that PR is important for generating a good revenue...

    My advice would be to have a seo-optimized website with unique content and many backlinks.

    Maybe the other sites are receiving much more traffic than your site, that's why there are earning more.

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    Ya you can really earn a lot through your site if your page rank is good and the only way to have a good page rank is to increase more traffic to your site...

  4. I have heard that a site with a high PR have many advertisers on their sites.
    Is there a way I can know how high is the PR of my site? Can I put it on my site as an html code or widget?

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    No doubt, PR is important, but it is not everything.Normally High PR means high position in Search results, but I have seen many websites, which have low PR, but they rank high in SERP.

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