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Thread: Google PR question

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    Google PR question

    Hi ya!
    I have a fairly new site. Its about 6-7 months old and has a page rank of 0.
    I think its listed like #50,000.
    I have done evrything I can think of, except spam, to SEO it.
    Even if a site is really good does it still take 6-12 months to get in the top 2 pages of a search?

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Google PR question

    PageRank and Search Engine Position are not the same.
    For example: Websites with PR0 can sometimes get more organic traffic than websites with PR3.

    Maybe your website does not have good internal SEO, and/or maybe you need to post a few more QUALITY back links to improve the keyword performance of the keywords that you are targeting.

    I would be happy to take a moment to evaluate your website to see if I can find any problems or concerns.

    What is the domain name of your website?

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    Re: Google PR question

    Doing Off-Page Optimization isn't enough!.. You have to do also the On-Page Optimization!.. It deals with the proper use of keywords, description, meta tags and title tags..

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