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Thread: Google Killed Wave!

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    Never used it myself, but how do you feel about google killing off Wave application?

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    looks like it doesnt matter now. never used it myself either

    never found it useful

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    I just wanna point out one funny item in this thread.. the fact that the first two to post were test, and sample.. in that order..

    @Topic, honestly never heard of it, (hmm, killed you say?) I think facebook and twitter both slayed this item. I know that is was something like facebook but with a real time feel like twitter. Not a bad combo, but I think to many people were already attached to the other two, to really give a crap.

    All in all, this isn't a hurt to google, but a advancement towards something more... Google, always wins.. nuff said.

  4. Google never really developed a good "elevator pitch" to explain the value proposition of Wave.
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    What use did wave serve as a stand alone product? Maybe if it was bundled with a social networking script, or some kind of groupware,,, maybe it would have had a real purpose.

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