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Thread: Google - my favorite

  1. Yahoo is best now Google only support spam site.

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    Yes i am agree with you i think 68% people's of this world love Google And i am the one of them Any way cool Thread.

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    Google is my favorite Website: It is very popular website. Google has so many services which can help in my daily works. These are mine favorite Google Services Like : Google Search Engine , Gmail , You Tube , G Talk , Google Reader , Google Map , Google Analytic , Google Webmaster ..

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    with me, google still is the best.
    I did a search with a company name in vietnamese on Google and Yahoo.
    Google gave me what exactly i want.
    Yahoo: wow, they gave me some results which more than expected (sex page :]])
    Yahoo, and other SEs understand vietnamese not much.
    Too much people forget submit their sites on Yahoo or other SEs in Viet Nam

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    Google search engine is best search engine.

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    Google is also my favorite search engine because google is only search engine who provide Page Rank.

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    Google is the best and most popular search engine because most of people feel more comfortable to find out any kind of topics or information through Google search engine. It shows most relevant search result within a second. And none can beat it.

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    Google is my favorite web site. It is most popular website on web. It provide the so many services like Google Search Engine, G Mail, Google Reader, YouTube, G Talk, Google Analytic and many more. It is wide use by people. I have more use Google search Engine. It is faster the other search engine. It provide the very accurate result.

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    Gmail google analytica, google adsense, So this makes my favourite google!

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    Google is not only a great search engine but also it offers a lot of other superb facilities. Google+, Gmail, youtube etc. all are leaders in their respective fields.

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