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Thread: Google - my favorite

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    Google - my favorite

    Google has been my favorite search engine from when I was born, I visit it more than 50times daily and search cool and useless stuff on it, it is the best and most visited search engine in the world, has tons and tons of links. I think google will last forever, nobody will defeat it. It gets around 1-10million unique visits daily, and over a billion visits daily. I find all the stuff I need on google! Thank you Google, you ROCK!

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    well yea that is true google is the best and i don't think any other SE can defeat them . I als use google daily to get some knowledge about SEO and more stuff and when bored i use to search useless stuff . Google really ROCKS !!!

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    Well google is the best and will continue to be the best search engine of the whole internet. You can find anything you want in google.

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    People mostly submit their sites to Google and not to Yahoo, well I never tried Yahoo or any other Search Engine, I'll try it later when I start a new site, because I just sold my site, and Google is the best aight?

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    Google is great because no can catch them side by side.

    Google let them eat dust.

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    I almost always use Google to search for anything.
    I don't really know why, but I guess it just seems like it does a better job of finding what I want.

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    Yes, and it takes little time to load, and it's a fast search engine and it's so simple, can't be made simpler. Google will never fail.

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    Ya we cant compare google with other search engines since google is just awesome in making searches and its results are always related to the topic...

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    Google is my favorite. In my point of view the best search engine is Google. Most of people like to use this search engine. It is provide a better services than the other and it's search result is also better than the other.It is so easy to sue and understand for end user.

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    Google learned people that how to use search engine?

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