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Thread: Google Nofollow Weird Stuff

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    Question Google Nofollow Weird Stuff

    I was looking at how a webmaster built links for his site using one of my favorite Firefox plugins - Quirk Search Status...

    I was looking at this site:

    So through Search Status right click menu I searched backlinks to this site, the search it used was this:

    And to my surprise one of the inbound links listed on Google was from Yahoo Answers, a ressource I have been ignoring when building links because it is nofollow. Of course I immediately went in and checked Yahoo Answers if they changed to dofollow... But no the link was marked nofollow but Google still listed it as an inbound link...

    Weird or what?


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    Exactly, and if you spam Yahoo answer and then after few weeks if you check your google webmaster tool you'll find Yahoo answer links are also shown as backlinks. Thats pretty wierd.
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  3. Google shows nofollow links, even though it doesn't count them.

    I think they do this for the purpose of sharing even less useful information with SEO's.
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  4. BTW, in my brief and meaningless experience, I've found that some scraper sites will scrape Yahoo! Answers content and then turn any links therein into "follow" links. I've gained a few inbound links this way, but it's not exactly something you can count on...

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