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Thread: Google PageRank Updates

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Bill View Post
    Something happened as the brand new proxy domains I bought went from 0 to 2 and centurian went from a 2 to a 3.
    Congratulations man!
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    One site went to PR1 from PR0 (Better than nothing )...

    All others stayed the same

    |Nico Lawsons

  3. No PR movement for my sites yet. Might take a day or two for everything to be updated. Hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noone View Post
    Might take a day or two for everything to be updated. Hopefully.
    I really hope thats true, I have worked hard to get some really good backlinks, so i better see some good changes

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    No change here. Maybe there'll be in the following hours.

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    I'm not seeing any updates. I am hoping my blog goes to at least PR3

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    No changes here either. I would have thought it was a bit early for another update since the December one. Still, could be...

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    In fact it did update at some of my sites, so there must have been a minor update to some sites from Google

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Google update pr

    Hello All Do you guys notice that google is updating Pr today ? Well yeah they done it again and i'm surprised To see that my blog (just 6month old blog) manage to get pr5 , wow this is really Awesome , i was really not accepting that i thought maybe i hardly manage to get pr 2 or 3 , but they give me 5 ...

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    Re: Google update pr

    congrats and this time they have valued the backlinks

    i have seen ur blog,excellent contents,it seems that u spend a lot of time on it

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