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Thread: Google PageRank Updates

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    Re: Google update pr

    Quote Originally Posted by ltimranjaved
    congrats and this time they have valued the backlinks

    i have seen ur blog,excellent contents,it seems that u spend a lot of time on it

    Not much Actually , i just update my blog once in a week , but i got some good Quality back links so earlier , so i think that was the bonus for me

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    Disappointed once again. I've got more than a few sites and have yet to begin adding the content. I had hoped to get it done BEFORE the next PR update so that, maybe, just maybe, one of my sites would have a good PR.

    Oh well, I'll have to try again for the next one.

    Might I ask though, how long does a PR update last? Just a day, or maybe a few?

  3. Until now, my PR is still zero. My blog is already 6 months old, already crawled by Google and indexed, but I don't receive enough impressions in my blog. Right now, I'm doing link building in various forums just to promote my blog and get enough impressions and clicks in my Adsense ads. So far, I think I know now how to increase my blog's PR manually. It's a good experience.

  4. I still not having enough impressions on my site. I am having regular visitors but it still haven't increased my rankings. What do you think do I need to do?

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    page rank?

    what is your pagerank? how PR is calculated by google?

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    My Site Pr Dropped From Pr3 To Pr1 ..
    As far as I know,PR updated every 3 months...
    you can get some infor from this link

  7. I still have PageRank zero. I recently checked my PR in GooglePageRankChecker.Com. Link building and updating my blog 3-5 times weekly will definitely gonna work, but could be a challenging one.

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    That's a good update!
    My site is completely new so it needs time to start building PR!
    I expect,when google update pr for the next time,i can see some good pr on my site!

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    How page rank is calculated involves a bit of mathematics to be done which though is not my forte, you guys can always try it.

    I have an easier method:

    use the link below and fill in your web url at the end of that link and you should gtet your page rank;

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    well yea it was a good update for me . My warez blog updated from PR0 - PR1. How you all come to know that google has updated PR is there any announcement or something or what's the way..??

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