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Thread: Google PageRank Updates

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    well yea it was a good update for me . My warez blog updated from PR0 - PR1. How you all come to know that google has updated PR is there any announcement or something or what's the way..??
    Wow! That was great! Congrats!
    Do PR get downgrade or fall? Example, from PR1 to PR0?

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    Loads never moved and one went up to PR3 with some PR 4 inners.

    Thanks Brian

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    Exclamation PR Update - June 23rd 2009

    Yes, again... Google is updating PR yet again!

    PR Update - June 23rd 2009

    Remember to check your sites as I've noticed some changes on a few sites myself.

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    I've heard it from other people too So far I haven't seen a single change on any of my websites
    |Nico Lawsons

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    That's an amazing dance
    I got PR1 on a site I just built up (but the domain was ~4 months old) and nothing where I worked hard...

  6. Sounds like *cough*digitalpoint*cough* with these threads...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
    Sounds like *cough*digitalpoint*cough* with these threads...
    Sounds like *cough*digitalpoint*cough* with these comments...

    The PR update is real BTW, if you don't care about it move on.

  8. Not many changes.. actually only one of my sites have changed. It became PR3 from PR2, but the funny thing is, it was PR0 when I've put up a placeholder page (just some text - "coming soon") and since then it is rising.. Interesting. No content sites are on fire.

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    Google PageRank Updates

    Just noticed that Google have updated PageRank.

    Our forum is now PageRank 3

    Not a bad start.

    Thanks Brian
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    So far I've noticed 3 homepage changes and a few dozen inner page updates, of course I can't track everything, but it's quite evident Google is updating PR more frequently.

    Would this mean anything regarding Bing (PR2 atm)?...

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