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Thread: Google PageRank Updates

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    Google PR updates of 2008

    Is this effected to your site? PR updates is quite good for me...

    Please share your PR updates here...


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    One of my sites went from PR0 to PR4 in the last update. Site's still fairly new.

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    My almost site has got PR1-2 now..It was PR0 and brand new sites.

    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    One of my sites went from PR0 to PR4 in the last update. Site's still fairly new.

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    None of my sites updated, because I created most of them during the PR update . But i am ready for the next update

  5. Any idea when to expect the next one?

    I just checked on and they say it's been 300 days since the last one.. this is strange. Either they stopped updating their sites or google changed the times?

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    A few days ago I checked the site in my sig and it was a PR0, now it shows PR- so it's either been sandboxed or the update is still in progress. Mind you the site is only 6 weeks old so I wouldn't expect any pagerank yet, and traffic is still improving.

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    None of my sites updated

    But doesn't matter.. I don't care much about PR and if the PR5's stay PR5 it's enough for me
    I don't want it getting MUCH bigger, as long as they won't lower it's good

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I lost one point on my major sites and gain one point on 40-45 sites I made since the last update. This update (yesterday) pissed me off becasue I was testing stuff to go from PR3 to PR4 on one site and it went PR2...I still try to figure out how to increase a PR. I was active on backlinks exchange on this one but it decreased and I had a PR8 backlink on it as well, but they changed the site as a nofollow now...
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    I got some boosts in PR on a few of my sites and a few others remained the same. At least none of them went down this time around.
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  10. One of my PR5 site went down to PR3 and two of my PR4 site maintain the same PR value.

    Most of my new sites are getting PR1 and PR2
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