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Thread: google rank droped within a day

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    google rank droped within a day

    i have been working on my site for 2 months and start showing in google page 13 for my selected keyword. but suddenly couple of days ago it disappearing from first 100 pages of google. i am not sure what went wrong so please can somebody help me to bring my site back. thanks

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    Your website might have been sandboxed, Usually it takes around a month or so before it can get out of there. So my advice is for you to continue building links, but ensure that they are getting links from authority sites and not just from spammy and link stuffed websites.

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    If you are running an autoblog or are scraping content form other sites, the duplicate content filters may have kicked in. They appear to run separately from the normal ranking algorithms.

    If you have not been doing that, then let us know which site it is and we will take a look to see if there is a problem.
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    I've had that happen too to a site which went from position 2 going backwards many pages. It is possible that in a few days, it will rank normally before it ranks backwards again.

    What I've been told is to remove some reciprocal links from my site and build more quality one way backlinks. I only had unique content on that site by the way.

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